Day 2: Our Arrival to Washington D.C.

Today was technically our first full day together here at WJMC. I practically had to drag myself out of bed at six, since I was already quite winded from the previous evening. Little did I know that I would actually discover my new favorite museum, AKA The Newseum.

When I first heard of The Newseum, I had my doubts. I assumed that it would be a monotonous array of news headlines, or overly educational. But I never expected to be so touched and overcome with emotions by what I thought were mere photographs. As I strolled through the museum I was able to socialize and discuss my surroundings with my group friends. Yet at the same time, I found myself wandering off alone and creating my own interpretations. Yet, the exhibit that blew me away was the Pulitzer Prize Photographs Gallery. Eddie Adams once said, “If it makes you laugh, if it makes you cry, if it rips out your heart, that’s a good picture.” Frankly I could agree more. After going through that gallery and seeing some of the most uplifting, yet mostly horrific images the world has to offer, it made me extremely emotional. Especially an image of a starving Ethiopian mother and her baby, waiting in a line for food. In the description next to the picture it states that the little baby pictures died soon after the picture was taken, and that these children would get so hungry that their bodies ingested themselves. This shook me to the core and is an image that I will never forget. I would say that today was a great start to the conference and its events are already impacting the way that I perceive the world.


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